Thursday, February 3, 2011

Trans-location of tigers


Trans-location is the most controversial issue  in tiger conservation today . After death of a trans-located tiger in Sariska wildlife activist are not only agitated but they want to to stop it for ever . Few with more liberal approach towards it are saying it should be stopped until proper studies are conducted . Forest department of various states are eager to continue doing so but they are not saying why this should be done . Let us analyze process of Trans location and its need and methods required .

First of all we must see why trans-location is required . As a simple wildlife lover i have visited lots of forest without being involved in any n g o  or govt organization  I also can not claim to be an expert of the subject as i have no academic background . But even as a layman i can correlate number of tigers with quantity of food available and as no efforts are being made to improve the quality of habitat number of tigers which any forest can sustain will remain the same or will reduce as much  as the habitat deteriorates .New born tigers will have only two options either move the existing tiger out or go out of protected area . Chance of first option is few and far between and in second option death is almost certain except highest luck involved tigers won't survive outside .

This process is continuous and is operating from evolution of life on earth but in the context of tigers this has become complex  as tigers are on the  top of our pyramid we can not let tigers to become  extinct . If we lose tigers our own existence will come under threat . But in some part of protected areas tiger has became extinct so modern people like us have discovered an idea to translated the tigers from tiger rich grounds to tiger less areas . In first thought it looks great and correct but there are flaws in it too .Flaws are not in idea of trans-location but flaws can occur when this idea is implemented .

Trans-location is not new for carnivores as they required an independent area to sustain and they do not tolerate others in the area so  the new born and some times adults have to relocate to other areas . So for selecting the tiger for trans-location is very important this is where first mistake was done . By choosing the tigress of Indri ghati in Kanha they relocated a established female which had successfully raised her litters when her 2 year old female cubs were available (the new cubs had to move away in any case and cubs have better adaptability then grown ups in any specie )  F.D. was not looking for her but when they failed to locate desired tigress the took her but in the end  another female from Nakati ghati has taken over her area so established female is gone and gone with  her  life of her cubs too (this information is unverified )
. In another case a male tiger which had an established territory was moved out from Ranthamabore females which were sired  by him had only one option i e to move out of area and it  is because of few guys like Dharmendra khandal and Aditya (dicky) singh she and her cubs have survived yet .  But we are not discussing real problem yet real problems lies in areas which became tiger-less

When we talk about Panaa and Sariska  first thing we feel is pain second thing we feel is anger which is directed upon those who were in charge of the project .  But like every govt servant they have an excuse I took charge this year only , we do not know how many tigers were left by previous director but question is not simple and answer is not simple either whoever is involved in tiger conservation  simply knows that to have a tiger in any area  the area needs a self sustaining herbivorous  population . When ever habitat is degraded number of herbivores declines and with it increases the number of human tiger conflict . In absence of normal pray tigers tend to rely on cattle's and there is another point involved whenever a tiger kills a cattle villager act wrongly they disturb the tiger and deprive it of its food in turn tiger kills another and matter worsens . There is a natural aspect too Indian cattle's like their wild kin's have tendency to group together against tiger attack and tiger in turn kills more then 1 cattle at a time . In Chaparawa Achanakmar national park  i have seen tiger killing 7 buffalo's in single attack and have heard same thing happened in Panna  . This kind of killing changes attitude of villagers towards tiger . It dose not matter what previous perception was but after this hole village and some times community turns hostile against tiger and no 1 informs the F.D, about poaching  or tiger deaths lower level forest staff too is part of the community and will not willingly oppose the sentiments .

Forest officials in charge of Panna and Sariska were not simply guilty of hiding tiger deaths they overlooked the destruction of habitat they overlooked the grazing of cattle's which depleted the grass and shrubs . Even when tiger numbers were going down they ignored the warning calls given by conservationist s and stopped them from entering  into park . Why this happened it happened as they are trained to think of conservation as stopping of poaching and tree failing is their work they are  not aware of habitat and ecological balance  and its importance they simply assume if we have this much land we can have this much tigers they do not correlate tiger numbers with availability of food  . Improvement of habitat is beyond there imagination why as it is moneyless and thankless job  .They also form tendency to assume  that opinion of those  is nuisance which talk against them or their wishes they simply take them for people who want money from them and treat them like mosquitoes

So when we  want to  shift some tigers in tiger-less area's  like Sariska what we must look for ?  Has any thing changed before they are to be transferred no situation remains the same habitat is poor as before claims are unpaid even if they are paid amount is very low and requires bribe  to get it . I was not surprised when i heard villagers of the village near which st1 was poisoned distributed sweets to celebrate its death . I also agree these guys are not so simple and there are bad ones too but what would you do if a tiger has became dependent solely on your village cattle's and you are not getting any compensation u would do the same thing which they did

So whenever we plan for relocation we must know only young tigers should be relocated as it is natural for them and it will not effect the natural balance . We must prepare the area first we must form  a mechanism to compensate for tiger kills and this process should be such that not  even a single true claim  remains unpaid . habitat must be improved before the shifting only grass lands are not good enough we must change trees in to fruit and flower bearing tree's  .And there is work to do after the trans-location too the enclosure for acclimatisation  should not be less then 1 sq km it may look very big expenditure to some but if Raja can have that much money tigers too deserve a few . To give this much area means tiger will certainly scent mark it and when ever a tiger claims an area it will not leave it until pushed . Being a lay man i have written a lot and beyond my knowledge but this is how i feel . Thanks and spread this message to others if u agree with me no matter under what name you publish the message but perception must change



  1. good, I hope you become the great observer of present situations and threads about tiger and its so-called rubbish management by government.

  2. Truly it’s a controversial issue with conservation work.
    A tiger is territorial animal, Male tiger needs particular area span.(Mangrove male ‘s area sometime over laps). The main land tiger lives with lots of internal threats too. Translocation is the last answer of this problem.
    A top predator‘s place cannot be fill up by other predator, We can implicit niche expansion rule here. If we lost those top class rulers from earth..Then we lost all hope.
    Here conservation work is slow because Its job only..Not duty.
    Actually lots of people don’t think that it is a freedom fight..Fight for the freedom of animals..

  3. बहुत सुन्दर अच्छी लगी आपकी हर पोस्ट बहुत ही स्टिक है आपकी हर पोस्ट कभी अप्प मेरे ब्लॉग पैर भी पधारिये मुझे भी अपने अनुभव के बर्मे जन ने का मोका देवे
    दिनेश पारीक ये मेरे ब्लॉग का लिंक है यहाँ से अप्प मेरे ब्लॉग पे जा सकते है

  4. mere vichaar mein F D mein job requirments ke liye bekaar ki degree's ko chodkar sirf ek Qualification honi chahiye.... Jungle or iske janwaro se lagaw...


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